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About Divine Designs

At Divine Designs we strive to offer a service of excellence transforming old unused pre loved furniture into pieces to be proud of.

We also upcycle pieces for you to buy, using old scruffy furniture that is still in working order and strong yet looking tired, things you may not look twice at or imagine ever wanting to include in your home. We waste far too much in the society we live in and by up cycling old unwanted furniture we help to save our environment by not using as much space in landfill sites!

At Divine Designs we use only environmentally friendly products to reduce the impact on our health and the planet we live on.

Memory Tables

We are currently working on a new product where we can put any image onto a table, a personalised piece of work either to commemorate a special occasion, to remind us of the good times we have had and for the elderly with dementia a reminder of what is often forgotten, to trigger the mind into remembering, we can use photographs, maybe a poem or anything of significance.

Once we have this service up and running we will update the website.